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Ms. Natira's Remarkable Lecture on ‘Company Laws & Corporate Governance’ at OWC's Seminar

SRPP News l 27 June 2023

On the illustrious day of Tuesday, May 9, 2023, the esteemed partner, Ms. Natira Siripun, captivated the audience with her unparalleled insights on the subject of "Company Laws and Corporate Governance." This extraordinary event, organized by Omega World Class (OWC), took place at the luxurious Grande Centre Point Hotel Ratchadamri. Throughout the all-day conference, attendees had the privilege of delving into the foundational principles of corporate law and business governance, including the intricacies of legal risks and the critical authorities, duties, and liabilities of directors. Distinguished guests, including chief financial officers, senior directors, directing managers, senior managers, and company secretaries from leading companies, eagerly participated in the seminar, both in person and online.

Omega World Class, a renowned research institute headquartered in Bangkok, has long been dedicated to equipping corporate executives with expert knowledge and professional insights, evident in their diverse array of seminars and webinars.

Attending such an exceptional seminar was an honor and an enriching experience for all participants. Ms. Natira Siripun extends her heartfelt appreciation to OWC for the gracious invitation, which provided an invaluable platform for sharing knowledge and fostering professional growth.

You may check out Natira's profile here.


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