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The sale of 100% shares in 30SecondsToFly (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to American Express

SRPP NEWS l 9 September 2021

SRPP advised the founders of 30SecondsToFly Inc. on the sale of shares in 30SecondsToFly (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to American Express Global Business Travel.

30SecondsToFly is a Thai BOI promoted start-up founded in 2016 to operate a messaging service for corporate travelers using artificial intelligence. The technology will enhance the trip experience by providing new self-service alternatives. 30SecondsToFly AI developers are joining AMEX as well, and the technology will be integrated into existing services. The purpose of this acquisition of American Express GBT is to improve the corporate traveler experience.

The transaction was led by Panuwat Chalongkuamdee (Founding Partner) and Thosaphol Thurongkinanonth (Associate).

You may view Panuwat's profile here.

You may view Thosaphol's profile here.

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