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SRPP Commemorates the Blessing Ceremony in 2024

SRPP News l 5 July 2024

SRPP hosted a momentous blessing ceremony on Thursday, May 23, 2024, marking the third year since the company's relocation to the Emporium. The event brought together SRPP partners, associates, and staff, who gathered to pay homage to the revered Emporium home shrine situated within the office premises. Led by the esteemed spiritual leader, Pra Kru Winai from Wat Tard Thong, a meticulously performed comprehensive Buddhist ritual was conducted to invoke prosperity and ensure the seamless operations of SRPP at Emporium.


The blessing ceremony served as a profound symbol, signifying the commencement of a prosperous and harmonious year for SRPP. In the spirit of celebration, all staff members are cordially invited to partake in a commemorative lunch at the renowned EL-floor Chinese restaurant located within Emporium Suites. This post-ceremony gathering fosters camaraderie and nurtures a sense of unity among the dedicated SRPP team.


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