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Panuwat was invited to speak at Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) on Business Law and Risk of

SRPP News l 27 September 2023

On June 15, 2023, Mr. Panuwat Chalongkuamdee, our founding partner and a renowned specialist in Business Law and Risk Management, delivered a speech at the Finance for Finance Professional Program. He shared his insights on the crucial topic of "Business Law and Risk Management", which included various aspects such as business laws pertaining to state enterprises and investments, as well as enterprise risk policy and risk management.

The Finance for Finance Professional Program, a joint initiative by Thammasat Consulting Networking and Coaching Center (CONC Thammasat) and Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), aimed to empower and enhance the competencies of MEA staff. The program specifically focused on improving their skills in financial management strategy, financial governance, and business law and risk management.

We are truly grateful to have participated in this meaningful and beneficial program. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to CONC Thammasat and MEA for the generous invitation, which offered a valuable opportunity for knowledge exchange and professional development.

You may view Panuwat's profile here.


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