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Panuwat was invited to lecture at the IOD's Director Certification Program.

SRPP News l 8 December 2023

Panuwat Chalongkuamdee was extended an esteemed invitation to address the distinguished audience at the Thai Institute of Directors Association's (IOD) Director Certification Program on the notable date of Wednesday, July 5, 2023. This invitation was a recognition of Panuwat's expertise and aimed to foster an insightful discourse on the Director Certification Program.

In the course of this seminar, Panuwat Chalongkuamdee delivered profound insights into the pivotal role and responsibilities of directors in regulatory functions within organizational frameworks. His presentation honed in on the crucial facets of directorial performance, emphasizing how effective regulatory oversight serves as a linchpin for an organization's overall success, ensuring meticulous compliance with pertinent regulations.

Participating in this seminar was a privilege of considerable magnitude, and Panuwat expresses his sincere gratitude to the organizers for affording him this invaluable opportunity to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise in the domains of corporate governance and directorship.

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